Womens Self Defence with British Krav Maga Reading

Krav Maga: Israels primary womens self defence system

Martial arts usually have traditional and historical roots with an aspect of spirituality thrown in. There are also rules, regulations and competitions. Krav Maga is different. Firstly, it’s not classed as a martial art. It’s an Israeli self-defence technique designed for the street. There are no sporting rules and there is no letting up until you are safely away or your attacker is incapacitated. Womens Self-defence with British Krav Maga Reading offers reality based self-defence training for women of all ages and fitness levels.


Is Krav Maga right for Women’s self-defence?? And what is Krav Maga

It is definitely one of the best self-defence system for women, Krav Maga has been around for over 70 years and has been tested the world over in some of the most extreme circumstances and situations, Krav Maga self-defence is an easy to learn combat system which targets weak points on an attacker or opponents body. With Krav Maga training you can even up the odds if caught off guard quickly and decisively. Our system has a focus on natural instinctive movements, whilst simultaneously defending and attacking at the same time allowing you to take back the initiative if caught off guard.

What will you gain from training in Krav Maga?

You will get fit fast, tone up, strengthen up, lose weight, improve flexibility and mobility but most importantly you will learn the vital skill of self-protection. By educating yourself you empower yourself! By presenting yourself as a hard target you increase your chances of avoiding having to use force, failing this you will have a skill set that will give you the best chance to dispatch a would-be attacker.

Subjects covered in the system include: defence against sexual assault, defence from the ground, falling to the ground safely, using effective combatives, breaking holds and grabs, using fence process to protect your space, adrenal stress management, dealing with knives and bat attacks, multiple attackers and learning when to initiate physical confrontation



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